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The mission of NDFOCI is to be the resource of assisting those called and serving in ministerial capacities in confidence with achievement in the intended purpose of, The Great Commission of Jesus Christ." To produce unity in the body of "Christ" through the relationship connectedness.  To assist ministers and their church as we work together to promote "God's Kingdom" on earth.  Establish relations and develop ministry partnerships, with indigenous pastors laboring to teach the word of God.  To accomplish a common aim and task in the values at heart to bring people together in the name of the "Kingdom of God."  Join other believers and Christian organizations together in sharing motivation in driving certain common values and behavior. Minister set of core values in leadership, with the focus on serving and equipping in order that others may grow in "Christ" likeness and help others to do the same.  Our mission also is to be a vehicle for unity and support churches, ministries, Christian businesses, schools, colleges, and orphanages.  Our key concerns it that every member be provided with the necessary tools to mature their individual call and vision through the unification and networking of our collected member's resources. To build a strong word based ministry by meeting people's needs, spirits, soul and body and to touch the nations of the world with the gospel of "Jesus Christ."