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 New Destiny was created to supply an available platform for all people of our faith to minister to God and His people preparing them to reach to the world at large with the message of Jesus Christ that includes every vessel God desires to speak or sing through. 


New Destiny is a place where we build strong, healthy families based on God's word and cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Sending career missionaries' and mission teams for short-term and long – term mission trips and projects across the country.

Equipping encouraging, empowering, training and supporting our spiritual leaders and shepherds and churches

Focusing on our leaders, God's Shepherds. Adopting leaders, churches, villages, schools, orphanages and etc. Spiritual Covering Provides Apostolic Succession and Ministerial Credentials

We endeavor to promote ministers to their destiny, our mission, your mission.

The mission of New Destiny is to be the resource of assisting those called and serving in ministerial capacity achieve their intended purpose in mission and ministry for themselves and their respective ministries, in helping you to complete your God given mission and Vision.

Our contribution as a team will make us more effective in soul winning efforts, thus fulfilling the great commission, as Christ Jesus said "Here in is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit,

Purpose: the world is full of critics about the church and its ministers, because of recent scandals in the church overall, the church is burdened with a certain negative stigma that perpetuates the secular's misguided interpretation of had the church really is, when a man or woman of God

stands in the pulpit today the attacks are more intense than ever before, God has poured out His Spirit upon all flesh, men and women, the young and the old, we need to hear what God is saying to His people and the world through every vessel that God uses, not just the ones with great notoriety and celebrity status, we need to hear what God is saying to you for us and others. we need to hear the un- preached messages, the unsung songs, we need fresh people with flesh Anointing, we need you Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Prophetess, Teachers, Evangelists, men and women of God who are called to serve not to be serve (leadership).