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Ø  Love and Unity among the brethren

Ø  Sharing and giving each other as the need arises

Ø  Designed to recruit, equip, support and educate and release

Ø  Cover churches and Ministers, consecrate Bishops, Affirm Apostles enthrone Archbishops, confirm Prophets and prophetess, ordain pastors. Evangelists, teachers, and ministry leaders and workers and Provides covering and credentials.

Ø  Prayer Coverage, Ministerial school annual assemble of the join college of bishops and apostles. (Only Pastors Summit)

Ø  School for Bishops and Apostles

Ø  Our (3) three International Annual Conferences are.

o   Every March Eagles Gathering Conference

o   Every July Annual Holy Convocation and

o   Every December Apostolic and Prophetic Summit

Ø  Partnership, and global networking

Ø  Missions trips around the World

Ø  Visit to the Holy Land Israel once every year

Ø  Adopting pastors and church ministry

Ø  Monthly Supports to Pastors and churches in Africa. Haiti and other third world poor countries

Ø  Supporting and Adopting Orphanages around the world

Ø  Supporting the Holy Land Israel as A Fellowship and family of God (this is our tithes and seed as New Destiny family)

Ø  Provide Education for those in need.

Ø  Materials that prepare pastors and leaders

Ø  Commissions and certifications

Ø  Culturally relevant best practices and standards

Ø  Help register ministry and help prepare 5 0 1 © 3 .and Articles of Incorporation

Ø  Standing right by you in time of need and always smiling ready for your call. Your help is just a call away.

Ø  We offer a full variety of support services to those serving in churches, mission fields, evangelistic outreaches, military and civilian chaplaincy and those who labor in workplace and ministry

Ø  Provide a Global platform for ministers

Ø  Ministry Impartation and Counsel

Ø  Connectivity /Relationship Buildin